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Quality versus Quantity

At 1780 we focus on quality. We strive to produce the highest quality medical cannabis for our patients. Safe, effective medicine, registered in the State of Maine.



  • QUALITY - Healthy plants lead to healthy Medicine. We start with a deep source of Maine mountain water, add organic nutrients and a clean sterilized environment to create a chemical free product.

  • SAFETY - Our plants are protected with natural insecticidies, no chemical laden sprays are used, to keep our plants healthy and in turn, safe, organic, toxin free medicine to you.

  • PATIENCE - is key to growing a quality product. We don't rush our process, we let the plant dictate when it has finished. We take the time needed in our drying and curing process so that we continue to produce a consistent product.

  • CONSISTENCY - We strive to produce a consistent product. Our patients know that they are getting the same quality as the first day they chose us as their caregiver.


At 1780 we offer a line of concentrates for our patients that require a stronger dose of THC.




"...flower is great too. Your nugs smell and look so good...Keep up the good work!"

"Your sauce looks amazing!"

"The Californication and Wizard Gum are both amazing. The flavor on both is awesome, very smooth and terpy! Love the effects as well, I think my entire body was relaxed..."

"Its always so hard to decide with you, it's all amazing!"

"That strain (lemon haze) had amazing yeild when making rosin. Squirted like a grape!"

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